What is your biggest WHY?

Earlier I was dealing with industrial sewing machine spare parts for almost fifteen years. Serving my customers on phone and face to face. Ordering parts from abroad, sending small and big packages to my customers. Everything had to be done on time, because it would have costed very much money to the customer if the machines didn’t work properly.

I had a very good team. We together organized the work to run fluently and I helped new people to do the job as smart as I did.

Later my spouse and I worked as pizzeria entrepreneurs for seven years. The pizzeria belonged into a Franchise – chain. We had certain operational principles – We always delivered delicious pizzas from fresh and pure toppings baked round and pretty brown. We always cleaned the pizzeria neat and cosy. Even the stove shined! Even in rush hours, we always paid attention to incoming customers saying “hello” and smiling. Though there are hundred of “similar” pizzerias in our country, we got feedback from our customers. Many of them said: ” You have got the most delicious pizzas in whole country”…Or, “This is the best Pizzeria I’ve ever visited”.

I liked both of my jobs very much. Why was that? It was because of my customers – PEOPLE. I had an opportunity to help people. People trusted me – they knew I will serve them and always do my best.

The best of the best and warmest feeling in my heart, when I got to say my customer: “I will do it FOR YOU”.

The last six years I have done part-time network marketing. I have been introduced some good opportunities. Every time it sounds great. Excellent products, god marketing plan, up-line help. Only thing I have to do is to make a list. Friends, classmates, family, every people I remember in my life. There are thousands of people. But what is wrong? Nobody wants my help doing network marketing.

I tried to tell people advantages, to pus them working very hard to earn residual income. Listening to people’s needs and hopes. Very few of them were never considered to do network marketing. How to explain people this is a good deal? I didn’t feel well to push people to do something that not even me feel comfortable.

But I didn’t give up. I felt there must be another way. After struggling six years in MLM I have found a right way to learn, grow as a person and work. I have been introduced a great system to work as a volunteer in Mentoring For Free.

With Mentoring For Free I have an opportunity to HELP PEOPLE. This is my biggest why. To get something valuable into my life. To meet people around the World. To help people who already have raised their hand to be willing to learn how to do network marketing.

What is you biggest why? I will help you to find yours.

Your Personal Mentoring Coach

Marjaana Siivola

By Real Internet Income

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