Relationship in Network Marketing Business

Friendship and Relationship in Network Marketing

You have friends. What are the things you appreciate most in your friends? Could they be the honesty, trust and having fun together? Is it important that even if you live far away from each other and you do not have the opportunity to meet frequently, you know that he is there and is ready to listen and help if needed.
A good friendship maintains throughout the life. You could have disagreed sometimes, but you appreciate each other regardless. When you meet, you have a lot of fun, maybe confidential conversations and a lot of commemoration of the past.

What are the things you value most in your colleagues?

The best and closest personal relationships among co-workers come from the trust, fun, and willingness to help. The work is meaningful and you will do a lot together. In a good work community you will be able to grow as a person. – Unfortunately, we cannot always choose our colleagues.

With whom do you want to do your Network Marketing business?

Do you think it is important to find a Mentor who is committed in helping you by “holding your hand and walking on your side” until you feel you are ready to take the next step alone. Is it important that you find people where you all can use and improve your skills, work and have fun together and grow as a people? How would it feel if you belonged in a group where you get constant help and encouragement from committed people? Are you willing to learn and work in such a group?

Maybe you too, have sometimes been introduced a great business opportunity. You have been showed the compensation plan, the Company and its owners, as well as great products. Everything sounded promising. But what do you knew about your sponsor? Was he able to lead you to the right path? Was he ready to walk beside you as long as you needed it? Even though you fell in love with the products however, were you disappointed with the man who disappeared when you signed the contract?

Especially Network Marketing is mentoring and relationship business

The same rules apply in Network Marketing as in any relationships. There are the trust, helping, commitment and meaningful doing together the key things you need for success.

If you look for an opportunity, get to know your sponsor first. Is he that kind of person with whom you are willing to work for years, and to strive together to achieve common goals? Is he a person who has the skills and desire and is certainly committed to guide you? Is he the kind of person whom you could think as your friend and have good time together?

I have been in Network Marketing since 2005. After struggling several years, I was so lucky I found a great Mentor, who has trained and helped me to take my steps to the right direction. My Mentor has also introduced me some other skilled and experienced people from Mentoring for Free. All of them are volunteers, who are helping people like you and me – for FREE!

Mentoring For Free is a group of volunteers working worldwide. We are committed to help you too.

If you feel like you need help in any Network Marketing company, download the free e-book “Success in 10 Steps.” It can begin your journey to success.

Your Personal Mentoring Coach

Marjaana Siivola

By Real Internet Income

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